when baby has diaper rash/yeast infection?

October 4th, 2011 by Emily

Question: when baby has diaper rash/yeast infection?
what’s worse? changing diaper too much or not enough? she poops at least 6-8 times a day. any other tips? she has prescription cream, and i was told to use desitin over it as a barrier. thanks.

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Answer by Stephanie T
not enough you need to atleast change the babys diapers at least each two hours if not before and clean the bottom very well even if it is a wet diaper so us balmex it works wonders on diaper rashes

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8 Comments on “when baby has diaper rash/yeast infection?”

  1. Brady born Feb 18th says:

    Change the diaper as much as possible, the urine and stool will irritate the diaper rash so much more. I’ve tried the desitin and I didn’t find it worked for my daughter so we bought Sudocream and it worked great, I used to use it every diaper change and it prevented future rashes.
    Good Luck and I hope it goes away soon.

  2. crystal b says:

    Change her alot!!!! Even if she only pee’s alittle. Did they give her Nystatin? It’s really good for a yeast infection. Also, Put cornstarch in some bath water and let her sit in it. She will be better in no time. Good luck. P.S. Go to walmart and get this product called Butt Paste. It’s great.

  3. Catty says:

    Change frequently, it is actually better if you have no diaper at all and let the baby’s bottom breath. But yes use both creams and I found that aquaphor or Vaseline works better then the desitin.

  4. Precious says:

    When my daughter had a severe diaper rash. I, of course, kept changing her diapers so she wasn’t sitting in anything that would irritate hte rash more but didn’t even wipe her little bottom, I just gave her quick, warm little baths to get the poo off so I didn’t irritate the skin and then let her air dry (as long as it’s not cold). I used Desitin too but found regular nursery gel (aka vaseline) to be a better barrier and pure cornstarch baby powder. Good luck!

  5. IA_Mouse says:

    if your little gal is prone to diaper rash and yeast infections, you want to make sure you are changing the diaper enough, more than enough. the bugs that cause diaper problems like warm, wet environments so if your baby is frequently peeing/pooping or sweating, you want to make sure to get that area dry. Also, you may think about letting your little one go without a diaper for a little while just to ensure you are really drying out that area. Good Luck

  6. PharmNerd says:

    Not enough. Yeast needs a place that is warm, dark, and moist to thrive. The directions you have are fine. Using anything with zinc oxide (the main ingredient in Desitin) works wonders to clear up diaper rash but Vaseline works great as just a barrier.

  7. New rider-- again says:

    I used all the other stuff for my daughter’s diaper rash.. after about 4 days and it getting constantly worse, I took the cream out of the monistat pack and used it as a diaper rash cream. She was clear in about 1 day.

    good luck

  8. catherine b says:

    not enough is much worse. she’s sitting in the very substance that caused the problem.
    and try boudreaux buttpaste after this clears up. it will stop most anything in it track VERY quickly

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