Where did this oral thrush (white tongue) come from?

May 19th, 2012 by Emily

Question: Where did this oral thrush (white tongue) come from?
Well, I’ve been having it for around two years and usually just brush my tongue a lot to get rid of the whiteness. It still comes back, though.

I do not take any steroids or use any nasal sprays or have asthma; I do not take birth control pills and I’m not pregnant; I do not have AIDS/HIV and never went through chemotherapy; I do not take antibiotics (besides one time last year after a visit with the dentist); I do not smoke/chew tobacco or use dentures.

I have no clue why it’s always so white at the end of the day! I read that it diabetics might have this, though. But I’m only 16. I do tend to consume a lot of chocolate and milk though…but not too much, I think. I hope that’s not the culprit. Please help me find the source of this annoying fungus and get rid of it, particularly advice from a medical person.

You’d help a lot! :D
I read that the white thrush is also on the tongue, so, I think there is a good chance it might be.

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Answer by Benjamin W
Sweety, silly, that’s just bacteria. It’s normal. Continue to brush it, as that really cuts down on bad breath, but the white tongue will happen after each meal, and after several hours of no brushing. There’s nothing to do about it, there’s nothing to worry about it.

Thrush is much different, though it looks much the same. There’s usually soreness associated, and it’s usually on the throat or lips, rather than the tongue.

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