Why can I not use over the counter yeast infection treatment while I am pregnant?

March 2nd, 2011 by Emily

Question: Why can I not use over the counter yeast infection treatment while I am pregnant?
I am 29 weeks pregnant..and I keep trying to get an appt to see my physician for a yeast infection but they keep telling me to call back the next day..its been a week now and this is driving me insane! Its getting worse..Is it not innocuous to use the over the counter kind? Is there really a difference between that and the prescription kind??

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Answer by Baby Natalie due sept 28th
there’s a certain cream that the physician will prescribe to you, the over the counter is like you inject the cream into your vagina. You can use vagasil medicated wipes, try drinking cranberry juice as well, and soak in a bath tub (not hot water, but warm water) and add a tiny Epson salt to the bath water

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6 Comments on “Why can I not use over the counter yeast infection treatment while I am pregnant?”

  1. living dead girl says:

    Well some of the time what your doctor gives you a prescription for is safer than over the counter stuff. When you are pregnant there is a very few things that you can use. So if your doctors office keeps telling you to call back the next day i would just go to the ER. I would tell them that this is the only way that you can see a doctor because your doctors office isnt helping you any. They will probably look at you and use a q-tip and suave your vagina and send it down to the lab to make sure you have a yeast infection and if thats what it is then they will write you something.

  2. *~*Harmony is coming soon*~* says:

    my ob/gyn told me to use monistat the only reason they give you the prescription is cause it takes less time to get rid of then monistat. hope this helps good luck

  3. Love my Family <3 says:

    The reason they don’t want you using OTC yeast meds when you are pregnant is because it involves inserting creams or tablets intravaginally. Doing this while pregnant GREATLY increases the risk of infection and that’s no good for the baby. When you see the doctor, they will prescribe an oral one time tablet.

    I would suggest asking if the doctor can simply call in a prescription for you if the office is just THAT busy. Otherwise, call another office or go to the ER. The infection risk is so much greater when you are pregnant and you don’t want to wait too long because it could turn into a bladder infection, UTI, etc.

    Anyway, you will more than likely be prescribed Diflucan (fluconazole is the generic). That is the most common.

    Additionally, in the meanwhile, eat some yogurt with probiotics in it. It will help to balance the good bacteria down there.

    Best wishes to you and good luck with the remainder of your pregnancy!

  4. ..::Happily Pregnant #1::.. says:

    according to my doctors list of ‘ok’ over the counter medications Monistat is ok to be used during pregnancy luckily I am yet to get a yeast infection myself (I’m only 15 weeks along) but my doctor told me to just call into the nurse and let them know I will be using Monistat for the infection if/when I get one so they can keep track of the meds I am on. You can use Monistat

  5. Katz921 says:

    Why will your doctor not see you? They do not have a nurse or another doctor that you can see? I would ask if they cannot see you for them to refer you to someone who can. It is not good for the baby if you just let it go. I am not sure why you cannot use an over the counter kind, but I think it is still best to be seen by a doctor if you do have an infection.

  6. Due Nov. 21st! =) says:

    I was told by my OB that it was fine to use Monistat and other over the counter treatments for yeast infections. There is no harm! I would run to walgreens and get some!!

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