? Why? diabetes always getting the infection? No yeast?

March 7th, 2011 by Emily

Question: why? diabetes always getting the infection? No yeast ? Greatest answer: Wed Reply by suzieq_64093

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9 Comments on “? Why? diabetes always getting the infection? No yeast?”

  1. Serena says:

    Diabetes is a disorder that can throw your body into imbalance. Basically, the sugars in your system are what make you more vulnerable.


    This site has some great information from three different physicians on why diabetic women get yeast infections, how to recognize the signs, and how to best treat them:


    I know how miserable yeast infections can be. I used to get them all the time because my hormones were out of whack, and that messed up my pH, which caused bacterial infections one day; and, a week later, a yeast infection. It was awful. But now my hormones are back in balance, so I don’t go through the Yo-Yo of infections any more.

    Hope these sites help!

  2. mink says:

    As the first Answerer stated, Diabetics are prone to “any” infection when their sugar is not in control. Some diabetics are mostly in control of their blood sugar but occassionally cheat or over do it and are then prone to pick up an infection. My own cross to bear has been gingivitis. When I was 20 and had just be diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, my teeth were pretty close to perfect and strong with only 2 cavities. After 20 some years with the disease I now have full dentures as the gingivitis would flare up and break down the bone in my jaw. Have you tried making health food store 100% cranberry juice, no sugar added to your weekly diet?

  3. sassycat_0910 says:

    Not all diabetics get yeast infections, however a cause of this is from the high blood sugars. Yeast infections have a few causes, but one of them can be from increased sugar/glucose in that area. Being a diabetic, if you have high blood sugars you have higher levels of this in that area and bingo yeast infection. The other reason this could be is, as already stated, as a diabetic its easier for you to get sick or get infections. This is because your immune system is not as strong as a non diabetic, however the worse the control the higher the risk of you getting these. so if your blood sugars are uncontrolled then you will get infections and get sick more foten than if you keep them under control

  4. justwondering says:

    Excess sugar helps the yeast to thrive and overgrow.

  5. ♥ terry g ♥ says:

    They don’t. Those with controlled blood sugars don’t usually have this problem, but high levels will definitely cause chronic yeast infections.

  6. Mr. Peachy® says:

    Your question seems odd to me. I’m a diabetic and I’ve never gotten a yeast infection. I’m not sure where I would have one if I got one.

    It’s not uncommon for women diabetic patients to get yeast infections because of elevated blood sugars that promote an attractive environment for the yeast (candida albicans) to grow. By no means do diabetics always get yeast infections.

  7. joan says:

    They don’t, but once you get a yeast infection it is very hard to get rid of. The yeast is fed by the sugar that an uncontrolled diabetic passes in their urine. A diabetic usually has more sugar in the urine than a non-diabetic.

  8. Tsunami says:

    that is one of the symptoms’

  9. beauty gal says:

    A yeast infection is caused by the overgrowth of a fungus that normally grows in the vagina.Women with diabetes are especially susceptible to vaginal yeast infections. To prevent yeast infections, wear cotton underwear and avoid using feminine hygiene sprays or powders or bubble-bath products.

    Doctors treat gestational diabetes with a carefully controlled diet designed to keep the pregnant woman’s blood sugar level within the normal range for pregnancy. If you have gestational diabetes, your doctor will probably refer you to a dietitian who can help you plan meals that will control your blood sugar and consider your food preferences. You are likely to be advised to avoid high-fat foods, eat a variety of foods including fruits and vegetables and watch portion sizes. The number of calories you need depends on how much you weigh and the stage of your pregnancy.

    For more info on treating yeast infection due to diabetes, you can refer to this site : http://diabetic.best-health-remedy.com/

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