Why do I have vaginal pain, dryness, and chronic yeast infections?

November 3rd, 2012 by Emily
chronic vaginal yeast infection
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Question: Why do I have vaginal pain, dryness, and chronic yeast infections?
First off, I am 22 years old and I have been experiencing the following problems for about 4 years now. They seemed to have started in conjunction with starting my relationship with my current boyfriend.

For about 4 years, I have been experiencing vaginal dryness, very painful sex, and chronic yeast infections (i.e. once a month). I have been to 5 or 6 different OBGYNs and a vulvar specialist, as well. I have tested negatively for all common STDs, multiple times. (Different) physicians have diagnosed me with vulvodynia, yeast infections, and vaginosis.

They’ve told me to forgo from sex for a couple of months to heal any damage; at the same time I used a steroidal cream to help strengthen the vulva area, which seemed to lessen the pain but did not diminish it completely.

I’ve also used dilators and done pelvic floor exercises to help stretch and strengthen the walls, but it all seems to go back to its natural state no matter how I try to modify it (sounds crazy but it is too tight!).

I have taken Diflucan for my yeast infections apiece time that I’ve had them (over the counter remedies have never helped but I used them for the first few times I experienced an infection). Thinking they might have been caused by my birth control, I’ve spent months changing oral contraceptive brands with different levels of hormones, to no avail. Finally, I switched to an IUD free of hormones (Paragard). For about 9 months I was yeast infection free (still not vaginal dryness/pain free), but the IUD caused extreme pelvic pain; it ended up perforating my uterine lining, so it had to be removed. Since starting birth control again (Apri), I’ve been experiencing monthly yeast infections again. Instead of taking Diflucan, I now take a regularly pro-biotic, which seems to be preventing them so far. Are chronic yeast infections normal? They don’t feel normal!

I have asked physicians if my boyfriend could be passing a yeast infection onto me, but they all state it’s nearly impossible. I’ve also asked them if I could possibly have low estrogen levels and they respond in the same manner, with “very unlikely,” but I’ve never been tested for it.

I have no theory if this is related or not, but I have also had pretty bad constipation, which started at about the same time. My main concern is the dryness. Please help! I feel like I’ve been travel around in circles for years searching for answers. I am 22, why is this happening and why are all of my physicians brushing it off like it’s normal?! Any advice is appreciated; I’m tired and hopeless after 4 years of this irregularity.
*(Different) physicians have diagnosed me with vulvodynia, yeast infections, and **bacterial** vaginosis.

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Answer by WB 17
I don’t know what physician told you it is impossible for your boyfriend to pass that on to you. That is highly inaccurate!! Notice how when you refrained from sex, it stopped for a while. Not that your boyfriend is creeping on you, but he IS passing it back to you. Each time you have sex (while you have one or your just getting over one) you pass it on to him. Female yeast infections will not affect males the way it affects us. It lies dormant on him and he passes it back to you. You are essentially getting your same infection over and over again. He needs to get treated as well. I think there is a cream he can use.

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