Why do we often show more humanity to animals than we do to other humans?

April 22nd, 2013 by Emily
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Question: Why do we often show more humanity to animals than we do to other humans?
It’s not that I think we should reduce the calibre of care we give animals but I think we should increase the care we have for one another.

And before you state it, I know we still treat animals terribly but it seems we are much more likely to treat an animal better.

One thing that comes to mind is euthanasia. If an animal is suffering and has no chance of recovering we end their life humanely and painlessly. We should all be so lucky to have that treatment if we wanted it.
Aren’t we all helpless to the effects of time?

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Answer by sunfyre23
It’s because animals are helpless. Other people can take care of themselves.

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22 Comments on “Why do we often show more humanity to animals than we do to other humans?”

  1. filip says:

    We recognize ourselves better in other people. And that’s the hardest part. Animals are what they are, we can treat them ALS WE LIKE IT and, if animals are pets, they are so dependent and inbred that they’ll accept almost everything coming from a master.
    I wouldn’t call that ‘humanity’ if I were you!

  2. dirtsa2828 says:

    personally, i think animals are more deserving of it.

  3. naguru says:

    Because we always have a feeling that the other humans may out-smart us, whereas the animals will obey us and also be docile.

  4. Demati says:

    People think animals are defensless and that humans can take care of themselfs.

  5. Toth says:

    Animals are incapable of evil. We see that, and subconsciously realize it. Humans on the other hand are more then capable of evil. We are less understanding of people because of that. When we see a cat outside, helpless in the rain, what do we do? Go get some blankets, maybe some warm milk, let it in to try and get warm and get some food. We see a hobo and what do we do? Instinctively think he is a filthy drunk who got what he deserved. That makes us evil.

  6. ŋoir says:

    People often judge reality based on what they see on tv.

    It only SEEMS that we are nice to animals, because you DONT see animals being abused often.

    Go to a lab or something and see it for yourself.

  7. Vanity says:

    This question was asked before and several people defended their principles to attach themselves more so to an animal rather than a human, for several reasons, one of which was loyalty. I can only say that if a dog or cat can not talk back, how convenient is that?. No one would be the wiser. However, a human can communicate and relay exactly what that other person is like….or how they are..

  8. Xiao Gui Zi says:

    u are right! Animals dun bite back except doggies and other meat predators such as LIONs, tigers. lol.

    funny, i dun have power to bite back yet they are so inhumane to me leh. whahaa hahahaha ahahha

  9. Mizuki serene says:

    It is hypocrisy that attracts little criticism due to frequent exaltation by the media for acts of kindness to “animals”, a term that by no means cover the whole animal kingdom but only the cute, amenable, easily tamed ones and relatively harmless to humans. In other words, people are usually exalted for loving their pets. Treating one’s pets kindly is good, without doubt. I had a pet myself and he is very cute, helpful and loyal, like other pets. It is true that our pets are more trustworthy and loving than most people if we treat them kindly, of course. When we are in despair, they offer us condolences. When we are in danger, they risk their own lives to fight and protect us. But if we trample on our pets like slaves, then we must not be surprised to see them hating us. They cannot speak in human language, but their emotions show what they feel and think. We have no right to exploit their disadvantages to bring them all kinds of misery for sadistic pleasure like what many disgusting people are doing.

    However, that kindness to animals has become a sort of a vogue. Nowadays, “kindness to animals” is actually celebrities dressing up and feeding their pets extravagantly like little kings to attract the media.

    The huge rest of the animal kingdom consists of carnivorous and pathogenic microorganisms (amoeba, bacteria), worms, louses and fleas, pathogenic insects like mosquitoes, flies, household and garden and forest pests like ants, termites, carpet beetles, and higher carnivorous creatures like piranha, deep sea fishes, great white shark, orca, giant squid, etc. The list goes on to infinity. Hardly anyone comes up to speak for “rights of amoeba, salmonella, staphylococcus aureus, candida albicans, pinworms, genital and clothes louses, fleas, Aedes aegypti mosquitoes, termites, piranhas…” These animals are not “kind” to other animals, and not kind to us either who are also animals.

    @ sunfyre23: “It’s because animals are helpless. Other people can take care of themselves.”
    - That statement applies to pets and other tamed animals, not all. And it is not entirely true that “other people can take care of themselves”. You should look around and see how many wretched, desperate people out there who are treated like dirt and as lower beings than animals.

    @ rrichards2k3: Thank you.

    Source: I once had a cute puppy as a friend.

    Quotes by Arthur Schopenhauer:
    “In Christian ethics … animals are seen as mere things. They can therefore be used for vivisection, hunting, coarsing, bull-fights and horse-races and can be whipped to death as they struggle along with their heavy carts of stone. Shame on such a morality that fails to recognise the eternal essence that exists in every living thing and shines forth with inscrutable significance from all eyes that see the sun.”

    “The assumption that animals are without rights and the illusion that our treatment of them has no moral significance is a positively outrageous example of Western crudity and barbarity. Universal compassion is the only guarantee of morality.”

    - Arthur Schopenhauer

  10. ºLiζ says:

    I have to agree with the person above me that says “animals are more deserving of it”.

  11. Cindy . says:

    I think the reason behind all of this is that some people are worse than animals. What I mean is that often you will come across a person less civilized than your own pet, so naturally, you would fire right back at a person if they cross a line. As to a pet, they try to make you happy.

    I dunno. That’s my theory.

  12. Diana G says:

    Ithink Sunfyre hit on something. _ The helplessness of animals. To me this also extends to children, seniors and of course animals. I think the pure innocence of animals makes them so vulnerable. Same with children. As far as your comment regarding euthanasia. I cannot imagine love that is more powerful than I feel for my pets. Consequently, I would be doing them service to end their suffering when the time comes. I hope some one loves me that way when my body is no longer my friend.

  13. Mr.Amazing says:

    Because we, as humans, don’t really think that animals have feelings and that because they don’t care about animals they think that they can do W/e…

  14. design843@ymail.com says:

    I believe that we are more humane to animals, because we see and know what humans are capable of doing to their fellow humans. Animals aren’t capable of knowing and inflicting conscious pain and torment. They are an absolute innocent and most natural in the chain of life.

    As humans, we make conscious and complex decisions over our actions and reactions, as well as our rationalism over right and wrong. We have control of the choices we make. Animals do not have this ability and/or option. When they kill, it is not out of malice. When they inflict pain, it is not based on complex decisions made based on emotion. As raw as the animal world is and can be, it is simple and innocent.

    As for euthanasia, animals cannot fully communicate their suffering. Humans can make the decision to seek out medical help — as simply as walking to their medicine cabinet and taking a dose of medicine that will ease or cure their ailment. When a cat gets hit by a car, they do not pull out their cell phone and dial ‘911′… they crawl off and seek refuge to lick their wounds. Animals live and survive, because they have no other choice or option. Their brains are not equipped with the ability to decide whether they want to live or die.

    The debate over the ‘right to die’ in human existence, I believe, is based on many reasons for both sides of the debate. If a human is suffering and they choose to or want to die, who is anyone to take that right away. On the other hand, there are some humans that might abuse that right — possibly taking the decision away from the human that is suffering and deciding for them.

    Then you must also consider the religious factors of the debate. Many believe that euthanasia (by judgement, aid, or self) is a mortal sin, and that it isn’t up to humans to decide life or death. My pondering to this has always been — if it is YOUR TIME to die, then it is YOUR TIME to die… it’s not ‘if it is YOUR WAY to die, then it is YOUR WAY to die’… In essence, no matter how a person dies, if it is their time to die — it’s going to happen regardless of how.

    Personally, I prefer the company of animals. I prefer their simplicity and basic needs. I also prefer their loyalty and unconditional love. I have two cats that I call “my boys”. Though I have three children that are on their way entering adulthood, I love these two animals and protect them because they are in my absolute care and charge till the day they die. Whereas my children will grow up and find their own lives and make their own decisions; ‘my boys’ are fully grown, but they don’t have that ability or option. It is up to me to make sure that they are taken care of, because they don’t have the mindset or ability of choice. I do.

  15. Caolan R says:

    If we are hugging animals and stuff its not like they are going to say F**K OFF BITCH LOL.

  16. PimpBerries' Ghost says:

    because they are beautiful

  17. Ian says:

    Because it’s hard to get mad at a domesticated animal. They don’t really do anything.

  18. Beauty&Brains says:

    I think the emotional reasons behind it are that humans are not so innocent they rationalize and think about things and do screwed up stuff all the time. But animals are innocent and do not rationalize so they really don’t “deserve” to be treated poorly. Although I hate that word Deserve, none of us have the right to decide what someone deserves, and you right we should treat each other better and stop killing innocent babies.

  19. LuvThosePurpleShoes says:

    very often.., I love my dog but I hate my coworkers

  20. rrichards2k3 says:

    I like Mizuki serene’s and Design 84 answers best. I agree with pretty much if what she has said. IMHO, it seems that we treat animals more humanely than other human beings because there is no chance of being hurt by them to the extent that a human does but animals can still hurt. Many animals, whether tamed or wild, have been known to maim, injure or kill humans, but that is only the bodily part of us that they can kill. We humans can kill emotionally, spiritually, mentally other humans without a second thought. Nevertheless, we should put human being first always because we will never run out of animals, but there is one human being who is unique. That is why we sometimes love them more than our fellow man. I don’t like the euthanasia and I would not want someone to kill me without my permission, but those who are suffering can ask for a DNR (do not resuscitate order) if they no longer want the doctors or caretakers to help them live.

  21. JOHN says:

    Almost like children, animals are not “purposeful” in their actions. Rather, innocent and unable to clearly understand right and wrong. Where as some human behavior is so purposeful and unforgiving that we likely have experiences that remind us that we sometimes have to look out for humans rather than animals.

    Less deep… animals are just cute I suppose.


  22. Cory says:

    humans don’t deserve pity we destroy everything good animals are peaceful and innocent they are only affected negatively by us thats why we care for them more than eachother

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