Why does my boyfriend keep on getting thrush?

November 1st, 2013 by Emily
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Question: Why does my boyfriend keep on getting thrush?
I do get thrush, and I comprehend that a man can't develop thrush, but can carry it if their partner doesn’t treat and medicate it and if they don’t treat and medicate themselves. However, on several occasions when I haven’t had thrush, I have noticed that he has thrush on his testicles and on the side of his leg. I know both he and I have done the course of treatment, so how can he be getting it?

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Answer by emma burke
It could be strong medication causing it! I know of some lads who got it from injections for going abroad!

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3 Comments on “Why does my boyfriend keep on getting thrush?”

  1. Fridays says:

    Males CAN get trush. It is not a condition solely reserved for women. Thrush is a yeast infection, and yeast is a fungus. Like all fungi, thrush (candida albicans) loves warm dark damp places. Our skin is covered in billions of bacteria and fungal spores. Normally, the healthy and essential bacteria keep the bad bugs in check and prevent them from multiplying. If for some reason too many good bugs get wiped out, the bad ones multiply and take over, causing an infection.

    Are you sure it’s thrush he has, and not another kind of fungal infection such as ringworm (also known as atheletes’ foot and jock itch). One common reason men get fungal infections on the penis and genitals is diabetes. High blood sugars causes the kidneys to secrete sugar in urine, which is a good source of nurtrition for fungi.

    Send him to his GP to get his infection checked out,

  2. micksmixxx says:

    Unfortunately, my friend, you are mistaken about genital thrush. Thrush is a fungus, called Candida albicans, which many people carry about them … both men and women.

    Breakouts can occur if there’s something happening that upsets the balance. i.e. people with undiagnosed diabetes often get thrush.

    Take a look at the following web pages to see if there’s any clue as to why your boyfriend keeps getting it.

  3. Daniel Dutton says:

    Men are just as likely to get thrush as women. Also, it is not usually transmitted sexually.

    The fungus lives in over 50% of the population but doesn’t usually cause any ill-effects because the body’s immune system controls it’s balance.

    Repeated bouts means that he may have a weakened immune system and the underlying reason should be investigated by your doctor. People with diabetes are also more vulnerable.

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