Why does my wife get Frequent yeast infections?

March 29th, 2014 by Emily

Question: Why does my wife get Frequent yeast infections?
My wife and I just got married. She is 35 years old and was virgin at the time. Like wise I also have no health issues and have been free from sex prior to getting married. Both of us recently got tested for all infections and there is no problem. However she is getting frequent yeast infections after we make love. We have a very irregular pattern of making love because I have to often go away for 2 weeks rotation to other locations. Any feedback will be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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Answer by ilse72
Some women are prone to yeast infections and usually it can be traced to what she wears! The best thing to do would be for your wife to follow prevention measures. These include:
avoid tight jeans
avoid stretchy workout wear
avoid nylon panties and pantyhose
wear cotton panties only!
get out of wet showering suits asap
avoid soaps with dyes and perfumes
use only unscented white toilet paper
avoid perfumed laundry detergent
avoid perfumed lotions
if you are using condoms, stay away from the latex type
avoid douches

Some women will develop yeast infections after intercourse if they are on the pill so switching type of pill might help. Also, if your wife was not tested for diabetes, she should be as yeast infections after sex are common in diabetes.

If the problem persists, the physician will need to do a microscopic exam of her vaginal secretions to see if yeast forms are evident requiring a more aggressive treatment.

P.S. Was she tested for pregnancy? Yeast infections are very common in pregnancy. Congrats on the marriage!

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  1. Jenny J says:

    It could be diet. In my experience, too much carbohydrate especially yeast-filled ones like bread can cause it. Check her diet, does she eat a lot of fruit and veg and drink loads of water?

    Recurring yeast infection is best cured naturally. For more information on natural yeast infection cures visit http://www.cure-yeast-infectionz.com/

    Good luck

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