Why does the yeast infection cream say to use before bed?

March 26th, 2013 by Emily

Question: Why does the yeast infection cream state to use before bed?
I just purchased the yeast infection treatment from the pharmacy. It states to use it before I go to bed. Why is that? Will it cause any problems if I use it now?

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Answer by Krissy
The cream leaks so if you use it now it will leak out of you swiftly while you achievement around. Using it before sleep keeps it in you longer so it actually gets time to work.

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2 Comments on “Why does the yeast infection cream say to use before bed?”

  1. kbrand01 says:

    Because it will run out of your body if you are upright. The heat frmo your body changes the viscosity of the cream, and in laying down, the cream stays in your body, thus being absorbed into your blood stream and allowing it to work.

    If you put it in when you are active and upright, it will just leak into your panties, and it doens’t do you any good there.

  2. aout says:

    You can use the ointment at anytime, but the “cream pill” you should use only just before going to bed so that it actually stays in place and can work properly. If you put it in now and go about your normal evening routine it’s most likely just going to fall out and you’ll have to start all over again.

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