why doesnt medicine believe in candida overgrowth?

January 11th, 2014 by Emily
candida overgrowth
by AmbiOct

Question: why doesnt medicine believe in candida overgrowth?
why dont drs and medicine believe in the candida overgrowth thing that is so contraversial?? I have met so many substitute health ppl who are convinced but a lot of Drs poo poo the idea?
Has it got no scientific background? is it a con?

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Answer by greydoc6
The hypotheses have not stood up to the scientific method. Reliably reproducible experiments have not been performed.

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One Comment on “why doesnt medicine believe in candida overgrowth?”

  1. W W D says:

    Systemic candidiasis is real but rare. The stuff you’re talking about became quite popular back in the late 1970’s, so much so that funds had to be spent to test it, and the hoax should have been laid to rest back then.
    This bit of snake oil was also closely associated with “non-IgE mediated allergy,” another one couched in language such that it impossible to disprove. Every new negative study was met by a new explanation, and no real evidence. That’s one of the hallmarks of quackery.

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