Why on earth does my baby tolerate Good Start Natural Cultures (now Protect Plus) but not regular Good Start?

May 25th, 2012 by Emily

Question: Why on world does my baby tolerate Good Begin Natural Cultures (now Protect Plus) but not regular Good Start?
My 8 week old is having intake issues… originally on Similac Advance from hospital, but then switched to Similac Sensitive… He was spitting up/seemed fussy so we switched him to Good Begin Natural Cultures.. seemed to drink it okay but slowly but surely intake less and less at a time. We tried to switch him to the regular Good Begin (GS was suggested by pedi.), but that did NOT work at all, he cried WHILE on the bottle, cried for hours after, etc., it just was not for him. SO we immediately place him back on Natural Cultures. Seemed okay, but now he is getting fussier and fussier, is crying at the bottle, crying for no reason, arching back, he wants to eat, but then when he starts sucking he starts crying and pulls away.

Okay so here is where it gets really complicated.

Talked to pediatrician, took baby in and she stated looks like Thrush (again). The medicine seems to help him drink his formula superior but he still cries and it’s hard to have him finish a bottle (he’s drinking 1-3.5 oz. at a time, but mostly between 1 and 2 oz., and wakes up each hour during the day, which is wierd, he is superior at night). Okay so possibly it’s thrush. Now, I went against what the pedi. stated and went with my maternal instinct, and something tells me that something in the formula is bothering him. We had a leftover unopened bottle of Similac Sensitive. Out of desperation, I opened it, prepared a bottle and added Mylecon for the gas, and he GUZZLED IT. No joke, he even was SMILING when he was drinking it—not a TEAR in sight. He then fell asleep like a log. We are going to finish the bottle of Similac AND still give him his Nystatin for the thrush, if that’s what he has. If the crying stays decreased, then I can presume its the formula or the formula and thrush as well (he does seem to have the white patches), but not just thrush.

Now. Then. It gets even more complicated (or I am just FREAKING out here.. I’m a new mom, please cut me slack).

I had two bouts of Mastitis, and indeed it was Mastitis, when I was pumping my milk for him. I took antibiotics, which what do you know, it can cause thrush. But reading on information online, I think I actually had thrush myself in the breast tissue from way back in the beginning—because I had SHOOTING pain in my breasts, all over, it felt like needles being inserted swiftly into my breast. This could have contributed to my son not latching properly, as he would scream his head off when I tried to BF him the first few weeks. OKAY. There’s that.

So………. is it thrush??? OR REFLUX??? OR COWS MILK ALLERGY?? I am going crazy here.

I read that the probiotics that are in Natural Cultures help break down lactose in the formula/milk itself. Could explain why he could tolerate Natural Cultures and not the regular Good Start. I just find this piece of the puzzle so strange, as I have done hours of research online and it seems that people switch TO the regular Good STart for fussiness and gas and reflux sort of issues. Okay, well, for whatever reason, I tried to cut down on my drinking milk (I drank GALLONS when i was pregnant, thats all I craved) when I was pumping and giving my breastmilk for my son, and I still have “baby brain” so I can’t recall WHY i thought to cut back on milk when I was giving him my milk…. perhaps because I thought he was allergic to cows milk? Could my drinking of so much milk while pregnant given him sensitivity?

So is it everything? Thrush, cows milk allergy, reflux? Or just the first two??? My pedi. states that symptoms of thrush are same as reflux, so it’s hard to tell (besides the white tongue thing). If he continues to cry then I suppose it’s reflux (pedi. states crying from thrush shoudl improve well within 48 hours of meds) and not cows milk allergy, but if he’s improved then I presume it’s thrush and cows milk allergy and not reflux? or just thrush? in which case do i switch him back to natural cultures?

I can envision anyone reading this thinks I am totally insane. Indeed, I feel like I am going insane.

He did cry a tiny at the last feeding, but NOTHING like he was doing early this day on Natural Cultures, and I also think it’s because of the fact that he’s not getting enough in a feeding, he becomes ravenous like that and he was frantically screaming to be fed, just all of the sudden, and I didn’t have his bottle ready and he was just besides himself, so it was hard to calm him down from that. But overall he is crying WAY less, it could be medicine working or formula switch… and im confused as to the difference between reflux and cows milk allergy?? are they related?

Ugh. So sorry this is so long.

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Answer by Sara aka Taylors Mommy
Every babies stomachs are different. Contact his ped if you are concerned on what step you should take next

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4 Comments on “Why on earth does my baby tolerate Good Start Natural Cultures (now Protect Plus) but not regular Good Start?”

  1. KBS says:

    How sad that your baby is getting substandard nutrition. Clearly, the artificial food is harming him. Poor thing.

    He’s only 8 weeks old – you should relactate (get your milk supply back) and feed your baby what he was born to eat.

  2. Amanda T says:

    ……annnnnnd TIME! it took me 8 minutes and 28 seconds to read your question.

  3. purplesmiles19 says:

    maybe you should try nutramigen..it’s expensive but might help with stomach problems…sounds to me like he can’t handle the regular formula but the natural cultures doesnt seem to be working (also my pediatrician said not to give a baby under 6 months the natural cultures because it’s not good for their stomachs) we had to use nutramigen for our daughter up until she was 6 months and then she was able to move on to regular goodstart

  4. Michaelia says:

    I think that you should try Nutramiagen or Enfamil Lactofree formula. It sounds like a milk allergy possibly a little reflux if he is spitting up a lot. You should get a second opinion from another pedi.

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