Why wont the white spots in my mouth go away?

July 22nd, 2012 by Emily
baby thrush picture
by ressaure

Question: Why wont the white spots in my mouth go away?
Well im not a baby neither an adult nor a senior. Ive got a lot of white on my tongue on both sides, but not on the roof of my tongue or the roof my mouth or on the bottom of my mouth. Its been a couple months and im worried. Its on my cheeks and the sides of the mouth but inside. Now the physician told me it looks like thrush and proscribed to me Nystatin, that didnt help and then he gave pills, that didnt work. i also got my blood taken to see if its my sugar levels and blood is normal. Im not sure what it is and neither is that doctor. What can it be? Is it contagious? How can i get rid of it? its extremely annoying and i got it out of no where. I dont smoke,drink or do anything bad for my health at all. Is it a lifetime thing? :[ i saw photos of what oral thrush is and it does not look so serious as adults have or the way it looks on babies.

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Answer by Hello
u r dehydrated drink lots of water k

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