Will eating Activia yogurt help cure yeast infections?

September 13th, 2012 by Emily
cure for yeast infections
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Question: Will intake Activia yogurt help cure yeast infections?
I have a yeast infection, called the physician and they gave me two pills to take and it seemed to temporarily rid it (for like 2 days), but it is back. I have read a lot about getting some kind of active yogurt with low fat. So I got Activia. Will it help? Do you have any other suggestions that helped your yeast infection?

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Answer by englishgal
cranberry pills from your local Drug store should fix it 2 a day for a week.

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3 Comments on “Will eating Activia yogurt help cure yeast infections?”

  1. Ashley says:

    Yup. Take a spoon and stick it right up your pussy.

  2. oldtimekid2 says:

    Yes, it can. Both Yogurt and Kefir can help fight yeast they have Probiotics (the good bacteria) in them… but you would need much higher doses of those Probiotics to try to treat it quickly. If you wanted to try a good Probiotic supplement, I would go for one with 30+ billion viable organisms from several strains. In addition to Probiotics, Caprylic Acid and Grapefruit Seed Extract also help to fight yeast growth directly, so those three together are a very good combination to fight yeast infections. Once you’re over the infection, you could go down to a maintenance dose with 3-5 strains and 4-6 billion organisms daily to keep it away.
    You can find more info at http://jn.nutrition.org/content/141/9/1698.abstract that lists more details about what can make yeast worse (in other words, what to avoid). ;-)

    Most of the cases I’ve heard of that used regimens like this showed an impact within just a few days (where they noticed some benefits) and were often almost completely gone within a month or so, but some more extreme cases took longer. Good luck and I hope I helped!

  3. Paige says:

    In my opinion the best treatment for yeast infection is something that is natural. The OTC stuff doesn’t work permanently and usually burns!

    Here’s a link to an article that describes some pain free options. ;-)

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