Will eating flavored yogurt help a yeast infection?

November 30th, 2013 by Emily

Question: Will intake flavored yogurt help a yeast infection?
I just purchased flavored yogurt and then realized that that’s not so good for a yeast infection because of the sugar. I wouldn’t use that to place into my vagina because I realize how bad that could be (feeding the yeast and all), but will it make the infection worse if I just consume it? Will it help clear up the infection?

Also, do you have any other general advice for a yeast infection? Any recommended over-the-counter things, home remedies, etc.

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Answer by x3Stephernee
It is recommended that PLAIN yogurt will help prevent the growth of yeast. It won’t clear it up. And you don’t place it in your vagina. You consume it. You can try getting Vagisil for the itch or Monistat to treat the infection. However, be careful with Monistat. I took it once and it prefabricated everything worse. Turns out I was allergic to the Monistat. I would really recommend going to see a doctor. You can get an oral medication to take to treat the infection.

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5 Comments on “Will eating flavored yogurt help a yeast infection?”

  1. eloquent says:

    depends on the location of the yeast infection -thrush or diaper rash respond well to probiotics in yogurt. for any other body part, see your doctor.

  2. Olivia says:

    You can either eat it or put it in your vagina. Get plain yogurt, no sugar added and make sure the kind you get says ” live cultures” or “active cultures”. You can use a tampon, dip it in the yogurt and put that inside. Or you can just put on like a lotion. Leave in like an hour or so. If you can get your hands on tea tree essential oil that will help too. You can put a drop on your hand and rub it in, it will feel cool.

    Also wear lose clothes and keep it clean! :)

    That’s all I can think of, hope it helps.

  3. Persephone says:

    i suggest getting an over the counter medicine, like monostat. they have a one day treatment and it comes with wipes for the itching. i’ve used it a few times in the past and it worked perfectly. if you use it you may want to wear a pantyliner the next day or so because some of the medicine leaks out.
    definitely get it treated, if left untreated it could spread to other organs.

  4. Austin says:

    The best thing you can do for a yeast infection is to add probiotics (live yogurt) to your diet and the worst thing you can do is eat sugar. So you are canceling the good with the bad and vice versa. The following are all considered yeast fighters: digestive enzymes, cloves, Goldenseal, grapefruit seed extract, oregano oil, biotin and Pau d’Arco. You can also buy candida cleanse products in the health food stores that contain many of these ingredients.

  5. Steve says:

    Yeast infections aren’t that easy to permanently get rid of. Many products can temporarily relieve the symptoms, but a long term treatment approach will be your best bet to completely elliminate it.

    One of the more popular and effective homeopathic solutions is yeastrol. It’s very effective at treating vaginal, penile and oral yeast infections.

    What you can also do to speed your recovery is to change you diet in a way that will starve the yeast organisms (Candida).

    Things that you should remove from your diet are all sodas, sugars, fruit, fermented foods, foods containing white flour,
    alcohol (especially beer), antacids and any product that has yeast or mold.

    Things to add to your diet are live yogurt cultures (or take Acidophilus), plenty of water, fresh vegetables, lots of protein rich foods, whey protein, raw garlic, nuts, seeds, oils, millet, rice and oat brans

    Another thing to keep in mind is that both you and your partner should consider the diet change/yeastrol treatment as you can be passing the infection back and forth between you.

    Hope this helps and best of luck! :)

    I’ve included the link to their website if you’re interested

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