? With what? since often should I clean my horses?

December 25th, 2012 by Emily
gray horse

asked: With what? since often should I clean my horses I’ve had my horses for a very long time, and none of them have gotten sick (a? n vaccinated apiece year you, do not worry). I prefabricated my approximately once a week. Never go so badly shaven and there is always plenty. I was a tiny curious to see if this is not healthy for them (although they show no signs of disease)? Property Information? ADDITIONAL: My horses est? N out twice a week (I do not s? Much, I can not out often). I use a regular type of razor aobsorbs fine, so its not too bad. I pick my horses feet ALL THE TIME. All of them have their feet increase? Ble and even dice.S ferrier what? which is not good for the feet, but really not that bad. Its soft enough considering the amount of chips I put. I will not tell? With that comfort is a problem (adem? S odor, but not much I can do about that.) Anyway this is s? What I want and if views were to be a serious matter. S? I can not go out twice to three times a week (not inculding emergencies.) They are not really that bad when it comes to going to the bath or. Lol, they always do in the post bath or, what bothers me, because then I have to limpiar.No’m trying to be rude or anything, but please describe how much you mean by “all day as” . Some people means twice a day to, others once a day to and ace? successively. It’s a bit confuso.S?, I live in a very cold climate?, Or, as? that the odor is in the bottom of the list. It never hurts. I have some huge stops for my horses actually. I dir? Alg to that? N 10×10.Gracias place around you all for your good recommendations * cough * and what not. Most? With my horses are actually permanent pasture horses and was thinking of moving back into the barn .. but I think not har?. : DMejor response: Response

my barn clean the newsstands, but it depends on how long the horse est? in office.

? Ade your own answer in the comments!

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29 Comments on “? With what? since often should I clean my horses?”

  1. LiveToRide.RideToLive. says:

    My barn cleans them daily as well.

    EDIT: The barn usually strips stalls once a day then it seems they sometimes clean them again later.

    10×10!? That’s tiny!


  2. nh guy says:

    as long as they aren’t walking around in 4 inches of horse sh** then they should be fine. it is bad for their feet when they are walking around in a lot of their own shi*

  3. .:A Vet's Life is My Life:. says:

    Clean the stall daily.
    Strip the shavings at least montly (if the horse is in daily/semi-daily)
    You should clean out the urine and feces every day, because it will smell, the horses will be uncomfortable…. that does make them sick.

  4. Lauren M says:

    It depends on what type of bedding is in their stall. But, I’d say, the best thing is about 3-4 times a week. Thats how much I cleaned my horses stall when he was in one.

    Hope that helped (:

  5. Spike C says:

    I clean my stalls in the morning and pick them at night.

    Dirty stalls often result in bad feet. Thrush and other bacterial infections, quarter cracks, absesses.

    Excessive ammonia is not healthy for the lungs. You can also get skin disease if they sleep in dirty stalls.

  6. PRS says:

    D-A-I-L-Y!!! How can you even imagine that anything less than daily is OK? How would you like to spend a lot of time in your bathroom after you “drop a load” in the toilet….no flushing allowed, oh yeah and you have eat and sleep in there too. Given the choice your horses would NOT choose to eat and sleep where they poop, would you! Horses are naturally very clean animals.

    If I ever have to keep my horses confined to the barn for any amount of time besides just over night I clean their stalls at the very least twice a day. More if my schedule allows.

    Just because your horses haven’t gotten “sick” doesn’t mean they are not uncomfortable. Lots of hoof problems are caused by horses made to stand around on urine and feces contaminated bedding all day.

    Bet you think you are giving your horses superior care too….

  7. zorsefreak101 says:

    You should clean your horse’s stall once a day, for various reasons. the urine has amonia in it, and the amonia hurts the horses lungs. if there’s too much manure in a horse’s stall, the horse can get thrush, which is a disease of the hoof, and can possibly lead to laminitis and founder. Also, horse’s prefer to be clean, however unbelievable this may sound. if you’ve ever noticed that one of your horses “drops an apple” in one corner of the stall or something, then he’s just trying to be clean. Horses are truly amazing!
    good luck, and have “fun”

  8. zoegirl134 says:

    We do ours daily. It takes less time and keeps their stalls dry. Even though they haven’t gotten sick before there is always once. Plus it is not good for their feet to be in that all week.

  9. Chrome Barrel Racer says:

    depends on how much your horse crap

  10. Bruno M. says:

    Every day is the “standard” for just picking out the manure and wet spots. Some people do this once a day and others twice. If you don’t clean the stall at least once a day it can be bad for your horses respiratory system.

    Urine contains ammonia which is a product of protein. When a horse ingests protein it is broken down by metabolism and then turned into ammonia when the protien is broken down by the bacteria in the intestines. It is then released from the body in the urine. When it begins to break down in the stall after being stagnant is evaporates and and the horse breathes it in.

    Ammonia is corrosive and if your horse breathes in too much it corrodes away the mucous membranes and soft tissues lining the horses air ways this makes them more susceptible to getting sick as the mucous membranes secrete mucous when they try to “trap” invaders. If they are destroyed by ammonia that isn’t possible.
    So clean your stalls DAILY! :D

  11. Sit Tall. says:

    it needs to be cleaned daily

  12. Tonks W says:

    If you can’t get out once a day, there are alternatives.
    When our horses were kept at a larger lesson facility, there was no way all of the stalls could get done in one day, and most of the horses were indoors for a good part of the day. Every other day with GOOD bedding has no ill effects. Then again, our horses have always been kept mainly outdoors, especially overnight… so…

    Have you considered getting someone else to do it for you? A crazy barn girl like me would be willing to clean a stall for a few tips on horses xD. Or just the gratification of being around it.

    If you’re only able to clean once a week, that’s pretty bad. Consider putting your horses out on pasture – they should be fine on grass if you don’t exercise them often (after all, you’re only cleaning their stalls once a week o-O;) As long as they have a run-in shed and get hay in the winter when the grass is all crabby, they should be fine…

  13. GOODD says:

    Once a day, preferably in the morning, is how often you should be cleaning your stall. If your horses are in all the time you should be cleaning in the morning and at night.

    Their hoof walls can get soft and they can develop thrush.

    Think of it this way: How would you like to live in a house where the toilet was only flushed once a week?

  14. Rachel says:

    I don’t know where your from but her in North Carolina, US we clean our stalls once a day! All the manure and pee spots are picked out. Horses should not have to withstand sleeping and standing in a dirty stall!
    But then again I don’t understand your position. It depends on how big the stalls are and how much your horses mess.

  15. Takara Taji says:

    You seem to be just defending yourself and responding to every answer about how someone’s answer doesn’t apply to you. Good lord you let your horses out twice a week?! How would you like to be confined in a box five days a week? Horses are naturally herd and grazing animals. Let them out every day! And clean the stalls every day! At LEAST once, but if they are in the stalls all night AND all day, I would clean it once in the morning and once at night.

  16. Reneigh says:

    if you arnt up for daily cleaning (once in morning and night) then for gods sake put the horse outside

    a horse would rather be outside anyhow
    nature gave horses winter coats to survive winter and the cold no horse NEEDS to be in a stall they have things called yards you know…..



    yeah 10×10 is small

    12×12 or 12x 14 is alot more desired

  17. EQ says:

    wow….I use to clean 12 stalls a day everyday and I know if I went 3 days w/o doing them, they were horrible! I don’t see how your horses are standing in there own feces ans urine for a week. No its not healthy and it can cause hoof problems. Get your butt to the barn and take care of your horses.


    10×10 is TINY!…I dare you to go stand in a 10×10 room standing on your shit for a week strait….

  18. Tact Challenged..... says:

    Our horses are stalled during the winter, their stalls are 12×12 & picked twice a day, removing piles & wet spots, then we usually add a bit more shavings. They are cleaned down all the way once a week.
    I cannot imagine making a horse live in a stall that is only cleaned once a week.
    Even if you cleaned it down all the way 3 times a week it’s better than having to stand in a stall for 6 days with the poop & pee smell & not a clean spot to lay down if you would want to.
    How do you know how bad the smell is? Just because it’s not bad to you, you aren’t standing it the stall 24 hours a day, 6 days a week.

  19. laughing says:

    All horses are different, but if your horses are going okay, then I say don’t change it much. If you’re concerned about it, get out there the 3 times a week. I would personally suggest the 3 times a week.

    There may be something else you don’t know. Maybe they’re getting pnemonia and you don’t know. Or they’re getting some infections inside. Some things you don’t know are happening until it’s too late. So I would suggest the safe before sorry method!

    I, personally, get my stalls cleaned twice daily. It’s bad for them to even stand in it for a short period, but hey, if your horses have great feet and nothing bad is happening, then that’s your horse. I just would hate knowing something happened to my horse because I didn’t clean their stall enough!

    Anyways, good luck!

  20. Alpha Mare (formerly Confused!!) says:

    Ok- clean your stalls daily! Every day. Your horses are standing in wet and crap for hours at a time. Ammonia is terrible for horses lungs and I am amazed that they are not hacking with heaves or another upper respiratory thing. Standing all day in urine and feces will cause thrush and hoof sloughing, regardless of how ’soft and fluffy’ the shavings are. Ten by ten is small for the average horse, especially if that’s all the space they have to stretch their legs for days. Your horses will stock up if they cant move around. In your case, you should clean them twice and skip them once mid day.

    You had better hope the animal control folks don’t drop by on a whim and see your horses standing in a weeks worth of waste and in a ten by ten stall. You’ll have them taken away for cruel confinement. Seriously.

    I suspect that you’re lying. Otherwise you wouldn’t keep objecting and defending your obvious cruelty to keep us going and get a rise. You might also know that a FARRIER does horses feet, not a ferrier and that horses need more veterinary care than yearly shots.

  21. esjay33 says:

    You really need to clean your stalls every time you go out. I clean daily, usually in the morning, and pick up heavy stuff as I go by during the day, but I’m there daily. You might find you don’t use as much shavings if you clean more often. I’m assuming you strip the stalls when you do clean, so if you cleaned even just the heavy stuff more often you would use probably half the the normal amount and save yourself some money.

  22. Jumper88 says:

    well ive always been told at least once a day the poo and urine should be picked up and soiled shavings replaced with clean ones. my horses get turned out daily from 8 am to 3 pm then come inside. there stalls are mucked out while outside. when we are at shows and there in the stall all the time unless being ridden ( or hand walked every hour ) then we pick up the poo whenever it happends and clean it out before they go to bed.

  23. HorseLover says:

    I’d clean it at least once a day. Being around ammonia for urine is bad for their breathing, and having manure in their stalls all week can lead to worms, and it’s just unsanitary. My horse is rarely locked in, but when we do his stall gets disgusting after just one night, so we clean it as soon as we can.

  24. annie a says:

    well first off i have had horses for 21 years and i have had 20-50 thousand dollar horses, i would clean their stall once a day.. WHIch means taking the poop out, wet shaving, changing water bucket, and adding more shaving if nes. that smell is just gonna make flys go in there then the flys are gonna eat on ur horses legs.. NOT good. Oh and another thing its not really that important to clean ur horses feet daily. thats not a big problem its really more important to let ur horse out side and run for a while b.c he will start problems like cribbing aka sucking on pips or wood to get wind… are kicking.. so let him out daily to like in the morning for a couple of hours and that way u want have to clean his feet everyday give them feet a break

  25. online_mrkting says:

    I live in a cold climate too.

    Our horses are outside during daylight (right now that’s about 8 hours a day) and inside when it’s dark out… the stalls are cleaned EVERY day while the horses are outside.

    If your horses are standing in a 10×10 stall for 24 hours a day and only going out twice a week, and you are only cleaning the stalls once a week… that’s not nearly enough. And unless you have miniature horses 10X10 is almost the smallest box stall you can have, it’s not really big.

    Who feeds and waters the horses if you are only able to get out twice a week? Why can’t they pick out the stalls while they are feeding?

  26. yasmin_munro12 says:

    I work for Bart Cumming, one of the biggest and best Racehorse trainers in Australia, and he has over 60 horses, each one in a stable, 24/7 (apart from when it is getting worked, and walked), the stables are about 5 X 5 (meters), but some are slightly bigger, they get cleaned out every morning, and also a rough clean out (just picking up any piss/poo that is visible) in the afternoon… BUT… Saying that, that is someone who has an unlimited amount of money, and can afford to use up as much shavings/straw as necessary. But the most realistic method that seems appropriate for you would be… Just clean them out, getting out any pee/poo that you can find everyday (once), or if it seems like you’re not taking out much doing it that often, then do it twice a day, and see if that works… Basically, if you can walk in the stable and have the smell of pee or poo, it needs to be cleaned out more regularly… Hope this helped!

  27. SexyPaintGurl says:

    It’s not healthy for them in any way, shape or form to have to live in a dirty stall for more than a day or so.

    By not cleaning more than a couple of times per week you’re asking for major problems with flies and maggots… I’ve seen maggots in stalls cleaned 2-3 times daily because the flies in the barn were so bad.

    If you have a horse over 14.3hh 10×10 is a small stall to live in for that long.

    You need to clean your stall at the very least every other day, but it’s best to clean them daily at least once.

    If you can’t clean them more often find a local kid willing to help out to do it for you… it really isn’t healthy for them.

  28. nashty says:

    EVERYDAY! clean it every day when you get there then turn him out all day. then bring him in nd do it over. (adding in feeds and riding)

  29. cowgirl says:

    once a day is normal. i wouldnt do it less than every other day. even if it doesnt smell, bacteria can still grow

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