Women’s problems in Japan, candida (thrush) treatments over the counter?

November 13th, 2011 by Emily
treatments for thrush
by D.Eickhoff

Question: Women’s problems in Japan, candida (thrush) treatments over the counter?
I got my J.hubby to ask in a drugstore this morning, but they stated you can only purchase the creams and not the pessaries. I need the pessaries or it’ll just come back in a couple months, so was the income assistant correct or should I look in a different drugstore? If there are over the counter pessaries accessible can you tell me the study please?

Thanks for any help, and if anyone doesn’t know what a pessary is for then maybe this isn’t your lucky 10 point question!
No of course I don’t mean contraceptives. That would have nothing to do with candida which is a fungus infection.

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Answer by thecheapest902
You mean pessary as contraceptive, right?

You can’t purchase it at drug store in Japan. You have to go to a doctor, gynecologist.

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2 Comments on “Women’s problems in Japan, candida (thrush) treatments over the counter?”

  1. bluemoonmemory says:

    Unfortunetaly, in Japan there is no over-the-counter pessaries available fot the candida treatments. All you have to do is to go to gynecolotist to get the prescription or take special vagina cleansing. Even such prescription, you will only take anti-biotics, not pessaries in Japan. I mean NO pessaries for candida treatment in Japan.

  2. Steph B says:

    I’ve used these – http://flady.jp/
    A similar product is ‘meditreat’ – http://www.taisho.co.jp/meditreat/

    They are to treat recurrent infections, and I bought them off the shelf in a big drugstore (they were stocked with the medicated ointments, not with ‘feminine products’). They aren’t suitable for everyone though – they can cause irritation, in which case you should stop using them straight away.

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