Yeast infection?

January 31st, 2014 by Emily

Question: Yeast infection?
I don’t know if I have a yeast infection. I think I do, and if I do I’ve had it for a while. I have yellow/white liquid and what looks like gel coming out, and it smells pretty bad. It’s not normal. It doesn’t itch though like a lot of people state is common, so I’m thinking it might not be…Does anyone know what it is?

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Answer by littlehuevo
well thanks i am no going to shut myself in the bathroom and cry myself to sleep.

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9 Comments on “Yeast infection?”

  1. caiiiitsz says:

    yeast infections definitley itch, and usually it’s a white cottage cheesey discharge… i think you should see a doctor

  2. veritas459a says:

    NOW is the time to go to our Gynecologist before IT IS TOO LATE!

    Thanks, RR

  3. michael45672007 says:

    I would go to the doctor and have it checked. That is the best solution

  4. RainbowBrite says:

    maybe STD go check with a doctor NOW thats not normal

  5. BrideToBe says:

    There are three or four different things this could be, all with nearly exact symptoms. One is the typical yeast infection, another is an STD, and so on. Go to your doctor to find out, he/she is the only person who can properly treat you for what you have.

  6. Lauren G says:

    Yeast infections dont always itch. They can at any given time lack a symptom or two.

    The symptoms of vaginal yeast infection include:

    Vaginal itching that is often severe.
    Vaginal discharge that is usually white, curdlike, and odorless.
    Red, irritated skin around the opening to the vagina (labia).
    Pain while urinating when urine touches irritated skin.
    Pain in the vagina during sexual intercourse.

    You can also check out

    If treated early, it is a very mild issue and can be cured in just a week or two.

  7. Lani S says:

    Yeast infection is itchy as hell so I don’t think that you have it. To be sure see your Ob-gyn to see what that smelly secretion is all about.

  8. Iris says:

    It could be vaginitis, which is another sort of infection.

    Wash carefully and wear cotton underwear. If it doesn’t clear up in a couple days, go to the doctor.

  9. Bright Eyes says:

    It’s a very good possibility that you do have a yeast infection. I’ve had it once and I didn’t have itching with it.
    Make yourself a doctor’s appt. and get it taken care of right away. If not it will get worse.
    Not sure if you like yogurt or not, but eat one small container of yogurt everyday. Especially, during the warmer months. The yeast in yogurt will help to keep you from getting another infection.
    Also, try not to wear tight jeans or anything tight around that area.

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