yeast infection?

March 14th, 2014 by Emily

Question: yeast infection?
Ok Im pretty sure I had.have one. i have a discharge that is like thick slimy, and clear. Sometimes it itches. I tried the 1 day treatment on Sunday and this day is Wednesday.First Do i actually have a yeast infection. Second should i get more than the 1 dday treatment. Thancxxs p.s im 15 if i dont what could it be.
and im scared to go to the doctor. is there away i can get medecine

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Answer by ashley
yeast infections are usually white discharge, go to your obg/gyn and ask them. when i have one, it itched like crazy. dont wear tight clothing and wear cotton underwear, no thongs, that prefabricated it superior for me.

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  1. rr c says:

    An yeast infection has an white discharge with bad smelling, and off course is itching.From what you had described, it looks like the right yeast infection symptoms. Take a some apple vinegar and put it in a bathtub and have a douche to release your itching. Tee trea oil is also very good in curing vaginal yeast infection. Put it on a tampons inside. It should release your yeast very fast.

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