yeast infection?

March 16th, 2014 by Emily
yeast infection baby
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Question: yeast infection?
is it bad to have a yeast infection? Does it affect your period or having children?

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Answer by dashia
nope dont think so

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6 Comments on “yeast infection?”

  1. senorita_carlita says:

    I don’t think so either. You can prevent them naturally by eating yogurt or drinking cranberry juice.

  2. Gayla J says:

    Go see your Doctor.

  3. K.W. says:

    no, not bad at all. There is OC meds that can clear it up. Very common amoung women. Doesn’t affect anything. Just very bothersome.

  4. scorpio8483 says:

    no, they aren’t harmful, just irritating. you can buy some yeast infection treatments at your local drug store

  5. PrincessAli'sMom says:

    I have had yeast infections since I was a baby, I am now 23…so yes, I have had quite a few of them in my life. First, eating yogurt, drinking milk…any dairy basically can help to where you don’t get yeast infections. It will NOT help you if you already have a yeast infection!! Drinking cranberry juice does nothing and has nothing to do with yeast infections, only UTI’s.
    And yes, it can disrupt periods(yeast in your uterus). It has with me numerous times. If left untreated it can cause other problems down below as well. Such as chronic yeast infections, horrible cramping (like menstrual cramps), and in some rare cases, yes it has caused some fertility probs. Yeast in your vagina travels to your uterus etc. So anyone here who says otherwise has not had any or few yeast infections. Like I said, I have had them since I was a baby….Chronic yeast infections. Which can also be passed to your baby, if you ever got pregnant.
    Talk to your GYN, they will tell you all you need to know. Don’t go on the internet, half the stuff they say is BS.
    Set up an appointment to see your GYN, ok? They have a pill called Diflucan that starts to clear up the infection in about a day. Or, there is Monistat 7. NEVER get anything lower than the 7 day treatment as they are ineffective. You will end up getting it right back. And use it the full 7 days even if you notice it going away. Sorry so long, but had to clarify what some others have been saying. Good Luck!

  6. meditator2 says:

    It is good to treat it as it can become systemic. See a doctor or use a natural treatment for yeast infections. It can also affect your energy and moods? Try to cut down on sugar and wear cotton undies rather than nylon.

    Information on Yeast Infection

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