Yeast Infection Cream – A Messy Waste of Time?

March 17th, 2011 by Emily

Yeast Infection Cream – A Messy Waste of Time?

Yeast Infection Cream – A Messy Waste of Time?

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Home Page > Health > Yeast Infection Cream – A Messy Waste of Time?

Yeast Infection Cream – A Messy Waste of Time?

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Posted: Nov 05, 2010 |


Yeast infection cream is often the first treatment people turn to when suffering from the symptoms of this painful medical problem. The problem with using cream to treat your infections is that they only bring temporary relief. Whether you are using over-the-counter or prescription yeast infection cream you are only treating the symptoms. While you might feel some temporary relief you are not receiving a permanent cure and the infection will return.

People who suffer from these infections experience a wide and confusing range of symptoms. The most obvious symptoms are rash and itching. However, these are far from the only symptoms. Headaches, muscle and joint aches, indigestion, and a generally sick feeling are also common symptoms. While a cream might temporarily help with the rash and itching they will give no help with the other serious symptoms.

What is commonly called a yeast infection is actually a fungus or mold infection that occurs when there is an overgrowth of yeast organisms within the body. Candida is by far the most common variety of yeast that causes infection.

Candida actually occurs naturally in several areas of the body including the mouth, throat, vagina, skin, and digestive system. The Candida yeast serves a useful purpose and only becomes a problem if it grows out of control. If the body is properly balanced it will keep the yeast under control and it will not cause problems.

The body uses friendly helper bacteria to keep the yeast under control. As long as the friendly bacteria are present in the right amounts they will do a good job of fighting yeast overgrowth. Unfortunately, problems start swiftly when things get out of equilibrium and the body is not ready to fight the growth of the yeast. Once yeast is granted to growth out of control it will turn into a fungus which can spread throughout the body with severe and painful results.

Anti-fungal cream applied to an area that is red or itching will often kill the yeast that is growing on or has broken through the skin. Killing the yeast on the surface of the skin will temporarily reduce the redness and itching in that area. However, since the yeast is often growing inside the body it will simply find another place to surface or it will cause internal problems in areas where no cream can reach.

Candida infections will not go away without treatment. While yeast infection cream might bring some temporary relief they are not a permanent cure. There is no cream or pill that will cure the root cause of yeast infections. To cure the infection you must treat the root cause and this takes more than simply applying some cream to the skin. Fortunately, there is a simple, natural process that absolutely eliminates yeast infections and keeps them away forever without yeast infection creams or other medicines.

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At there is a easy 4-step yeast infection cure that is guaranteed to permanently cure your yeast infections without yeast infection cream, doctors, drugs, or strange diets. Learn the secret that has worked for over 5,600 women and men.


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What kind of infection do i have if my discharge is yellow and smells kinda fishy? like i used yeast infection cream and that didnt help
What are some home remedies for yeast infections ?
What are symptoms of a yeast infection ?

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At there is a easy 4-step yeast infection cure that is guaranteed to permanently cure your yeast infections without yeast infection cream, doctors, drugs, or strange diets. Learn the secret that has worked for over 5,600 women and men. Know the number of yeast infection medications oral and suppositories. Learn to make sure on what is best yeast infection medication for you. Proven Methods To Easily Treat Your Yeast Infection Natural Way, Visit NOW
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Question: When yeast infection creams drain out of the vagina, are they supposed to smell bad?
Im using this vaginal yeast infection cream and it’s applied internally. When it drains out of the vagina, is it supposed to smell bad?

Best answer:

Answer by Brian

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6 Comments on “Yeast Infection Cream – A Messy Waste of Time?”

  1. GingerIris says:

    yes sadly. Although most woman might think they have a yeast infection but its just discharge.

  2. Jellybean is having a baby bean says:

    It’s getting rid of the infection that you have so it might have a bad smell to it. If you finish the creams and it’s still smelling bad (the infection should be gone) then ask the dr.

  3. blossom_102 says:

    yeah it usually does smell quite bad!dont worry about it!you can also get tablets to treat thrush,make sure if your sexually active you use a condom with your bf untill he is treated to,as it can be passed on to your bf!X

  4. quinalai says:

    Yes, it’s so suppose to smell. That means its working and draining out all the bacteria that’s in your vaginal region. While you are taking this medications, please don’t use harsh soaps aroung the area, and don’t scrub down there too hard either.

  5. Lauren says:

    The symptoms (you may not experience all of them):
    - white cottage cheese-like discharge
    - some odor
    - dryness (can cause bleeding)
    - digestive problems
    - itchiness
    - burning urination
    - painful intercourse
    - a feeling of just not being “normal”

    Here are some safe, natural cures you can implement.

    - avoid scented soaps
    - avoid sugars and complex carbs for a week
    - air out the infected area while you’re sleeping at night
    - add grapefruit extract to your water during the day (balances hormones)
    - eat probiotics like cottage cheese and yogurt
    - shower frequently
    -drink lots of water and eat plenty of fiber to flush the infection

  6. Leo says:

    I mean, i don’t have a vagina, and have much less had a yeast infection but it makes sense. If you put cream in there to clean it out, and it drains out, it should smell bad. If it smells good then what good is it doing?

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