Yeast Infection home cures?

November 3rd, 2011 by Emily

Question: Yeast Infection home cures?
I’m pretty sure I have a yeast infection. It’s swollen and really itchy. Sometimes it burns when i pee. Lol. Are there any Home remedies that can cure it soon? Also, if you take a urine test and blood test at the doctors, can they tell if you have a yeast infection? Because I’m going to the physicians soon for a check-up. :[ Lastly, if it's itchy down there and you scratch it a lot, is it bad? Does it make it worse? Pleaaseee help! :[

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Answer by The mom
There are home remedies, but honestly none of them are that dependable. The best way to deal with a yeast infection is with the over the counter creams prefabricated for the purpose. Most common brand is Monostat, and it will be sold near where the usual feminine products are sold. You can also get a cream that will help relieve the itch and burn sensations as well. It's best to use the three day product, to be most certain- even though you can also use the traditional seven day treatment. If there are still symptoms of the infection after you use the three day version, repeat again using the seven day one. At the same time you treat yourself, you will want to gather up all your undies. Wash them in the hottest water you can, and bake dry in a dryer. Those that cannot handle hot water or bake dry need to be microwaved for a couple minutes. You must also stay away from sex while you are treating yourself as well. It will not injured the mister, but he will just give it back to you again. When you see a doctor, to be ready to diagnose a yeast infection they have to take a swab and a sample of the discharge to look at under a microscope. The infection will not show up in either a urine test or a blood test- even though some of the other sexually transmitted diseases will. You need to treat yourself as soon as possible, using the right cream. It's not healthy to be scratching the itch, as it harms tender tissues even more, and will not solve the problem. In fact, it can just make it worse. Get to a store and get the cream. It usually works well within a day to make you much more comfortable. Nothing you eat- like yogurt, is going to help. Smearing yogurt on yourself will not either- because the source of the problem is inside where you cannot reach it. While the yogurt can help the external itch, it just doesn't get to the root of the problem. So do yourself a favor and just purchase the cream.

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