yeast infection (male)?

February 19th, 2012 by Emily

Question: yeast infection (male)?
alright so all the web cites blow things out of proportion so ima ask yahoo answers because the World wide web states i have a yeast infection
alright well i masterbait quite alot. and i noticed a red patch develope on my penis. altho it got superior and superior it now started to peel. all of the photos of yeast infections look crazy fucking sick i have nothing like that. its like when your skin peels from sun burn but only a litte… so whats the deal?

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Answer by Jackie Marie
Go to the doctors?

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2 Comments on “yeast infection (male)?”

  1. WindowlessWindow says:

    Does it itch and is sore? Does it hurt to go pee?
    Then it might be a yeast infection.

  2. KEC says:

    Ok so it totally sounds like you have a yeast infection. Just go to the store and get lotrimin AF cream. apply twice a day after a shower ( usually morning and evening) it takes a few weeks to go away and even after it is gone go ahead and apply lotrimin once a day as it tends to come back easily unless you use the cream for a month or so after the spot is gone. Hope this helps I am a nurse in a urology office and see yeast infections on male genitals almost daily. ( By the way the lotrimin will say it is for feet but trust me it works and works well)

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