yeast infection or diaper rash ?

June 11th, 2014 by Emily

Question: yeast infection or diaper rash ?
my sweety is 9 weeks old. everything first started in the folds and looked a raw. i tried treating it with parents choice creamy diaper rash ointment. when i used it she seemed to cry more like it was hurting her so i tried using pure petroleum jelly. now she has small bumps all over her bottom and i’m not sure which one it is…………

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Answer by nriley
I think a yeast infc would cause more of a discharge and not bumps! I think ur baby has a rash and yes the oinment to me smells like soap and I envision that hurts/Burns!!! I always used ad ointment, it’s kore of a petroleum jelly based substance! Give the baby a bath with no soap and keep diaper off for a while to air her out

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2 Comments on “yeast infection or diaper rash ?”

  1. greatdialup says:

    Parents choice sucks. It made my daughter’s most recent rash worse. Everything they make sucks.
    The small bumps are just from the same rash not being fully gone yet.

    Get some better diaper cream and use that. I suggest desitin or balmex and my friend swears by Baurdeuxs butt cream.

    It sounds like a basic diaper rash.

    @nriley, yeast infections in babies don’t cause discharge. They just cause nasty rashes that won’t go away with regular butt cream.

  2. zijian says:

    You should use natural cures… Those hurt less and are more effective. Check out for more information on such cures that work within a few hours

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