Yeast infection/BV help! Will this work?

May 15th, 2011 by Emily

Question: Yeast infection/BV help! Will this work?
I’m at my wick’s end with this thing. NONE of the medication gets rid of ti and going back and forth to the Dr is getting annoying and expensive. I’ve been unclothed in that dr office more times than in my own bed room!!!!
I found a bunch of stuff online that I think MAY help. I’m giving up on modern meds because they make me nauseous and they don’t help to cure it after being so nauseous for weeks at a time. Has any one tried the Candida diet??? (or as my husband calls it “Why don’t you just starve to death diet”) There’s a link for it in case no one knows what the diet entails:

Also has anyone purchased this lady’s ebook: Sarah Summer
Again, there’s a link:

There’s a money back guarantee on her book so I’m willing to try it, but I don’t want it to be a scam and have my cards all tied up in it.

Like I stated I’m willing to try anything but one thing I will NOT do is have this plaguing my life for another second! I’ve had this off and on for the past year and I’m sick of the drs telling me how COMMON it is and then turning right around and acting as if I have a rare disease that they suddenly DON’T know how else to treat! I feel like if it’s so common….they should have SOME treatment other than Flagl or Clindamycin or metro gel! None of that stuff WORKS!

Finished my rant…ready for answers.
Actually I have BV more so than YI But thank you for your help.

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Answer by Nito610
Ughh….this really sucks! This past year I also battled multiple BV infections, and then once that was finally gone, I got a yeast infection and UTI. Not a fun 8 or so months, so I hear ya. Even Though once I was finally prescribed the metro gel mine went away, but the thought still lingers that it could reappear any day. Anyway, as for the Candida diet, go for it if you think you can forego everything listed as food no-no’s. It’s very limiting on what you can eat, and could be difficult to get used to (at least for me!). Here’s a link to some at home remedies for yeast infections, though I’m not sure the same would get rid of the BV.

If you were going to get the book, I’d recommend starting some sort of cure in the mean time to hopefully get some relief! Good luck :D

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