yeast infections?

June 13th, 2014 by Emily

Question: yeast infections?
can a yeast infection affect your period?

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Answer by trplddd
yes it can, and if it is i strongly urge you to go see your obgyn, it could affect your chances of being ready to be a mom in the future. please go!!

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2 Comments on “yeast infections?”

  1. Curly Sue says:

    Yes, it can affect your monthly cycle. You may want to talk to your doctor about it. To avoid yeast infection. Try not to use douches, tampons.Use pads. Try AZO dietary supplement(this help prevent yeast infection until you can get to a doctor.

  2. East of Eden says:

    Yeast infections don’t effect your period in that they don’t cause your cycle to stop or start or the duration and severity of your period, but they can be caused by the hormonal changes that your body goes thru because of your period.

    You can try treating a yeast infection at home with over the counter treatments or go to the doctor for a perscription for Diflucan.

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