yeast (or thrush) infection of your breast?

April 10th, 2014 by Emily

Question: yeast (or thrush) infection of your breast?
What the best way to get rid of it? And why does this happen? Yes, my Dr is going to give me meds and my baby. But, how do I keep it gone?

Best answer:

you need steroids for itching and antifungals for fungal infection..
try ketoconazole and betamethasone ointments, dont use soap, maintain hygene, wash regularly..
you misht need to take fluconazole tabs 3 tabs 60 mg for 3 tabs in two weeks

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4 Comments on “yeast (or thrush) infection of your breast?”

  1. oldtimekid2 says:

    If it’s a bad enough infection, you may need antibiotics to start with, but regardless of that part, you’ll want to take some Probiotics (and give some to your baby as well). Yogurt and Kefir have Probiotics in them, but no where near enough to make a fast impact on yeast that a good Probiotic supplement (one with 30+ billion viable organisms from several strains) can. In addition to Probiotics, Caprylic Acid and Grapefruit Seed Extract also help to fight the yeast directly, so those three together are a very good combination to fight yeast.
    For your baby, you’ll want to buy an infant formula which will likely be a powder (or liquid, depending on what your local health food store carries) which you can either add to a bottle (with water, juice, or formula) or spread directly on the nipple (in the case of breast feeding) in most cases… the label will specify the best way to use that formula.

    If you’ve already had an issue with the thrush, this will help to fight it and keep it from coming back. 1-2 months should be enough to keep it away at least for a short-term, but you can safely use it every day if you like the benefits it gives as well (as Probiotics are also good for digestion and immune system support among other things). Good luck and I hope I helped!

    [edit]: I apologize that I was in a hurry and about to leave work when I was writing this… I should have said “medicine” instead of the stock antibiotic. Thrush is more commonly treated by anti-fungals, not antibiotics (which still serve a similar aspect of killing the foreign entity and do other harm to your body as well).
    Please ignore Nitram’s typical anti-supplement response… (the Mayo Clinic) even suggests taking yogurt or Acidophilus pills to fight the Thrush and lessen the infection. It also agrees with exactly what I suggested above (after trying Probiotics), “If your infection persists, your doctor will prescribe an antifungal medication”.
    It also points out “Candida albicans can become resistant to antifungal medications” and “Some antifungal medications may cause liver damage”… another reason we (and the Mayo Clinic) recommend safe and natural options first and only resorting to the drugs if the infection is bad enough. I hope that helps to clear it up!

  2. JJ Bear says:

    Yeast forms because we eat to many starches and sweets. White bread is not good for you now.
    Probiotics and prebiotics might be best for you and baby. Talk with your doctor, if he/she will listen to you on this subject. If they are not willing to hear you there are many sites that can be helpful on this subject.

    Search probiotics for baby and mom for starters.


  3. Nitram says:

    you need some anti-fungal treatment from your GP.

    As for “If it’s a bad enough infection, you may need antibiotics to start with” even I know antibiotics are for treating bacterial infections and not fungal infections. Ignore the advice from the alt-medders, they know nothing about medicine and make stuff up (as above).

    See your GP for the right anti-fungals. You can get drops to add to a bottle for treating oral thrush in the baby. To keep it gone, apply hygiene, just wash your nipples/breasts after feeding and it might help. Your current state of hormones don’t help :) Stick with it, it’s only a couple of years

    “Yeast forms because we eat to many starches and sweets”

    Yet more rubbish and myths. However, you are breast feeding so eat properly and get your 5-a-day you’ve been told about. No harm in eating extra veggies and fruit (which are of course laden with sugar which the above would deem to be bad for you) for additional vitamins and stuff. Ask your health visitor

    ” If they are not willing to hear you there are many sites that can be helpful on this subject.”

    Proof by google. How bad can it get? Ignore them and listen to real medical advice. If it were “proof” then there would be papers on PubMed about it, there isn’t, this is all made up stuff.

  4. thenoseknows says:

    You are better off using natural forms of treatment as antibiotics should only be used in emergencies.They’re diefinitely not good for babies.
    Thrush is another name for candida bacteria. It multiplies in the presence of sugar and simple starches (white bread, flour, etc.) It’s also more prone to proliferate in people who have previously taken antibiotics.
    A good probiotic supplement that delivers at least 15 billion live cells per serving for a couple of months will help a lot.
    Family MD’s get no training in nutrition, supplements or anything beyond drugs. They’re really not a good resource for natural/holistic health info. That’s why we have Homeopaths and Naturopaths.
    And there are trolls on this site who have nothing better to do than bash natural medicine.
    A great website for natural health info. is

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