? You can pass a woman an infection? N yeast in a man?

February 25th, 2014 by Emily
yeast infections in men
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Question: Can a woman pass a yeast infection n a man I’ve heard it’s doable to do a trav s of sex, but I never knew if? it was true or not. As? this can happen or not Greatest answer:


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8 Comments on “? You can pass a woman an infection? N yeast in a man?”

  1. Linda says:

    yeah i think so

  2. KazB says:

    Yes, most definitely. Treatment is needed for both partners if either one has symptoms. Thrush (yeast infection) can be passed during sexual intercourse.

  3. Jolene H says:


  4. Virginia says:

    Yes, it is possible. The man may or may not show signs, but he can definitely be a carrier. He can carry it and give it right back to you. It can be a horribly vicious cycle to deal with. If this happens, he will need to see his doctor to be treated.

  5. bluebonnets1952 says:

    yes that’s how I knew my husband was cheating on me, she gave it to him and he gave it to me……… I went to the doc but it returned days later after intercourse. we both had been trated but he gave it to me again….. actually he gave it to me 3 times before I divorced him I told him if he’d had any sense he’s have told her to get som medicine! The Stupid fools! I never had it before and haven’t had it since!! Life is good….. now!

  6. ~K~ says:

    yes then he can give it back to you.

  7. Lovely1on1 says:

    From What I read, Yeast is transmitted mainly sexually and sometimes by sharing moist towels. My boyfriend thinks that. In this book I have it saids it can be. The book is called the female body.

  8. Julzz33 says:

    Yes, absolutely. In fact, yeast infections are so transmissible that you can be about 99% sure that if you have one, you WILL pass it on to him.

    Here’s the difficult part though: Men rarely get symptoms with yeast infections, so they can have them for years and never know. They are typically “carriers”. As carriers, they can easily transmit the infection back to you! In fact, they can give it back to you over and over again until they get treated. The only safe thing to do, if a man has sex with a woman who has or thinks she has a yeast infection, would be to either get him tested (whether he shows symptoms or not) or just get him treated (again, regardless of symptoms). Otherwise, he becomes a carrier. Once in a while, he can get some pretty nasty symptoms with the yeast infection as well, but generally he’ll just “carry” the infection.

    Condoms can reduce the risk of transmission, but don’t always help prevent transmission of yeast either, because much of a yeast infection occurs on the outer labia, which can come into contact with areas not protected by the condom.

    Also, keep in mind that vaginal creams used to treat yeast infections can cause condoms to weaken and break; as well as the fact that traces of the cream, as well as traces of the infection, may still be present up to 3 days after the last dose of vaginal cream (if that’s the treatment used).

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