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January 18th, 2014 by Emily
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Question:? can use tampons s what cause yeast infections – Hello, I have my period, and I s I use tampons because pads make me think feel like I’m using a pa? views My mam? states that s what tampon use can cause yeast infections, but I thought I would see what other people have to decirGracias Greatest answer:!

“Do not give the disinformation? n! Maintain tampon use, as long as you feel c? way with them. A infection? n yeast form is very com? n of infection? vaginal n caused by a fungus known as Candida. The fungus normally found in most? for women, might overgrow your vagina when you take antibiotics and by? ticos, or p? PILL bc, m? s shower or have diabetes, wear a showering suit or wet too long or wear sweaty leotards (among other reasons).’s com? n when fungal infections, which do tiny before it starts its per? period. Due to that, women can occur mistakenly believe that their tamp ? n is the cause of the infection? n yeast. Los s? symptoms of an infection? n yeast are itching? vaginal, redness and intense burning, and a thick reques? … n as the discharge odorless .’s important to see a doctor the first time you have an infection? n yeast to ensure you get the diagn? correct wrap. Once you know how you they are the s? symptoms of an infection? n yeast are (and they only confirmed it was an infection? fungal n), you can use the anti-fungal drugs sold in pharmacies. “

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