You got to go to m physician immediately if you think you have an infection? N yeast?

June 24th, 2013 by Emily

Question: What has to go to m doctor immediately if you think you have an infection? yeast n Or you can just purchase some vaginal medications to treat it? Or some home remedies I’m starting to believe that I might have an infection? N yeast because of this “cottage cheese” looking discharge? I’m itching? Have no burning or alg? N enrojecimiento.Pls Help? Greatest answer:

If you know it’s an infection? N c fungal and know how to treat s the problem? same, then there is no reason? n to see your doctor, however, if there is any possibility of whether another infection? do not have another infection? n, along with the infection? n of yeast, then you need see your doctor for testing and then possibly treatment. The “cottage cheese” discharge is a sign com? N of an infection? N yeast, you do not need to have all the s? Symptoms, though of course if you are sexually active (not s? Him with penetration? N penis with vaginal sex), then it might be an STD or even another infection? n. I dir? For you if you is not? innocuous and do not know much about your body then m seeing a doctor to be sure and also? n I’d like to advocate some books b? sexual health musicians to read – not many people know to what m? sb ? musician of sexual anatomy? for, it’s nothing like what? ashamed, but it is something to be ashamed if taken ning? n inter? s in learning about you mismo.Hay one mont? n of treatments that can be obtained without prescription-counter, Canesten cream being the m? s known – and now receives d?, or it’s a cream for the vulva and vagina, also? n pills to help fight the infection? n from the inside. Tambi? N there s? We creams as Vagasil, personally I dir? For you to stay away from this particular brand like the plague, as it is obviously the manufacturers care tiny about the sexual health of women (his company both also? n produces products that actually cause vaginal infections, they even have the cheek to advertise on television? n, one after another). These creams usually work fine, the problem is that they can be costly – I’m not guessing very different prescriptions in the U.S.. I personally like the DIY route because if you know what that is? doing, then it is cheaper and has superior control over your body, if that fails then it’s time to see a m? dico.Hay some home treatments well known and well used;? Yogurt.Contiene Lactobacillus acidophilus, a bacterium found in healthy vaginas, kills yeast by production? N Peroxide of hydrometer geno – intake yogurt is also helping in the prevention? N of fungal infections or take the p? medicine or pills that contain acidophilus. You can simply cast these things in her vulva and vagina as m? S you can, leave overnight and wipe in the morning, a superior way is to fill a Softcup menstrual cup or yogurt, or freeze some yogurt in me producing ice machines and insertion? n. S? ASEG what? Sure to use yogurt probi? Tico.? Ajo.Contiene one antif? Ngico that kills yeast, s? We have to introduce a new clove of garlic into the vagina – peel the papery skin of the garlic clove, but not bruise the cloves in s? , as it might cause irritation? n. D? Pulled for several hours at a time, like overnight, try several nights until the s? Symptoms disappear.? Teatree.Este oil is also a natural anti fungal? N, but its use is a bit more s diff? Simple – usually people state to place some on a tamp? N, but of course tampons cause vaginal infections, as fungal infections, especially if used when not? menstruating, as? which is not the m? s wise idea. You obviously can place some in a glass Softcup menstrual or otherwise s? Wash the vulva with him a couple of times a day to be useful.? The? Lished b? Rico.Cargue to a certain size?, Or 00 c? Capsules from a pharmacy? Lished b? Rich and use these as a suppository, heat and h? Medo dissolve the vagina? N the c? capsules to release? lished b? rich. Insert two (600 mg) into the vagina each night for a week, discontinue if irritation.? Potasio.Antif sorbate? Ngico powerful can be bought at most? For providers in the home beer and food stores. Make a solution? N to 3% by ADICI? N of 8 g (1 tablespoon) potassium sorbate to a cup of water, the theory is to use a tamp? Fish n? N, but of course, the element risk is ah? as? which again tries a menstrual cup, softcup or washing vulva with him a couple of times a day to for a few d? ace until the infection? n is gone.? Violet genciana.Es a bit diff? simple to find, is a very old cure and if you think that then you will be in a pharmacy next to iodine. You swab around the vagina and vulva, one or two times a day to for a few d? Ace -. This is p? Bright purple, awesome, cool, but you spot any nice panties to wear all black white

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28 Comments on “You got to go to m physician immediately if you think you have an infection? N yeast?”

  1. love_any_cats says:

    go to the doc and get checked out if u have it he will give u stuff for it or tell u wat to get

  2. Rhianne S says:

    don’t know… havent had a yeast infection before and i hope i never do.. sorry!!!

  3. ? says:

    It’d be best to just go to you’re gyno first and see what it really is.

  4. xCY says:

    i had one not long ago but was to embarassed to go to the doctor, after about a week or so it went away. i’d still advise going to the doctor though, so you know it’s actually a yeast infection you’re trying to treat (:

  5. Perrywinkle says:

    def go to the doctor even if it isnt u probably want to know wat it is

  6. sands says:

    No it is not a “right away” kind of thing, and you can go to Wal Mart, Target etc. and buy over the counter medication. It just may make you uncomfortable is all.

  7. Cute but Evil, things even out says:

    If this is your first infection, then you really should go to the dr just to make sure that’s what it is. If you’ve had one before and you have all the same symptoms, you should be okay to treat with an over the counter cream or capsule.

    Good luck!

  8. shiggity777 says:

    no you dont need to go to a doctor.
    everystore has hoe treatment products. but if you dont notice a difference after using it for however long it says to, then you will have to go to a doctor.

  9. Kayla A says:

    noo you can go to a drug store or pharmacy store and
    get a medication called Vagasil.
    Thats exactly what I used when I had a yeast infection.

    Its called vagasil.
    just ask someone in the pharmacy area and they will know
    where to locate it. :)

  10. bluefootedboobiebird says:

    you can buy a test at the store to find out if it is a yeast infection or not and then treat it over the counter. If you don’t think it’s working call your doctor for an appointment to find out what’s going on. GL!

  11. Likuid says:

    Doctors can prescribe a medication for your symptoms, and if it is indeed a yeast infection, can get rid of it in as soon as 4-5 days. The sooner you get it checked out, the sooner you can get rid of it.

  12. Polly Sunshine says:

    If it’s the first one, go to the doctor. That way, you can be sure. And, if you have another one you can call your doctor for the one day pill. Your doctor should have a record of your first one.

  13. Tapestry6 says:

    Discharge is normal.. yeast infections you itch and there is over the counter meds for that so no you don’t have to go to the doctor unless it gets worse with the meds you bought.

  14. slickmickeygal says:

    there is a new test out (i believe monostate) that will actually tell you if its a yeast infection or not. i personally have only been to the dr’s once for one, because it was so bad i was bleeding (that irritated – ouch) and was worried it was something worse, but all the other times i just treated it myself.

    you can treat it yourself, and after a week if it isnt any better then go to the drs. many of those things out there say its a 1 or 3 day treatment, but if you read the fine print it can really take up to a week to clear up.

  15. Me says:

    well because you don’t know if it’s a yeast infection, I would go to the doctor. Normally, you would experience itching or burning along with the discharge if it were a yeast infection. It could be bacterial vaginosis, which is very common in women. But generally, if you have a yeast infection, you can just get something over the counter and you’ll be ok in about 5 days.

  16. watson182531 says:

    I asked my doctor many years ago about yeast infections and taking medication. She told me that if I think I have one, use the medicine. If it ever turned out that it was not a yeast infection and just a minor irritation, using the yeast infection medicine would not hurt me. Yeast infections can be slightly different each time even for the same person. Go get the medicine and hopefully it’ll clear up.

  17. Maggie says:

    If you have discharge, you probably have a yeast infection. You could also have an STD, so keep an eye on it.

    You don’t have to go to the doctor right away. Go to the drugstore and buy a product like Monostat. That should cure a yeast infection that’s not super serious. Do it before it gets really bad, though. If an over the counter yeast infection medication doesn’t work, then go to the doctor. They will give you hardcore medication, and they can check and make sure that it’s not an STD or something.

  18. Logics bar says:

    Go, no possibly not, but you should consult a professional, speak to a pharmacist directly or a health practitioner of one form or another. This is a common enough and easily dealt with enough problem, but what if it’s not a yeast infection and is something else?

    Seek the advice of someone who knows and can say without uncertainty what you should do, your health is nothing to be just guessed at.

  19. Nic says:

    It is better to get the doctor’s opinion. You might get worse if you auto medicate yourself.

  20. Christina D says:

    There are some over the counter meds that you can try out, monistat is one of them, and using it at night right before going to bed seems to work the best, as it is a yucky feeling. And if after a week or so it doesn’t seem to be working, see a DR and they will confirm if its a yeast infection and treat you with an antibiotic. Its not a huge deal or something to rush to the dr about, but it can start to smell and be uncomfy. Yeast infections are very very common, especially in the summer time, the moisture takes a toll down there, and one quick tip, if you ever go swimming in any pool, shower after, it helps prevent the build up of bacteria.

  21. pinkrosy21 says:

    You can purchase some treatments at the drugstore. You can try that. I would go for the oral treatments cause that’s how “my friend’s sister’s cousin’s neighbor who lives some miles away did and it worked for her. Personally, I wouldn’t know.

  22. smokenjo32 says:

    Okay No You don’t need to go to the doctor for a yeast infection. If you have had one before you know what it is. I would go a head and go to the pharmacy and get what you need. They can get you an over the counter test for yeast and you can pick up the medication you need to clear it up. Thank God Diflucan is now over the counter.

    Hope this helps!!

  23. chambersgirl35 says:

    you could eat yogurt that would really help if you catch it early enough.

    I found that when you are taking antibiotics it will give you one and wearing tight jeans with no underwear the dye will irritate you in that area. hope this can help you

  24. Kryst says:

    No it not a problem you need to go right away
    i had one of those before and you can go the doctor to buy sum vaginal cream that come with a tube that you might have to insert and when the medicine begin to work you will recieve the same result as the cottage cheese discharge

    just go to the store and buy some medicine for yeast infection, trust me

  25. naturelover says:

    Not necessarily. But I am dubious about the self diagnosis of yeast infection, because it could always be something else. But if you are really sure that is what it is, then try the medications and remedies.

    If things don’t clear up, or they get worse, then see a doctor.

  26. xxnicole82xx says:

    You can definitely get something at the store like Vagisil or the little capsules you put up there. They work. But if you aren’t positive it’s a yeast infection go to the doctor’s. Try treating it at home with the store bought stuff, and if it doesn’t go away, then you should see the doctor.

  27. kristinmazz1 says:

    Have you recently been on antibiotics? Many times woman get yeast infections after they take antibiotics. If you did, then I would say its safe to assume you have a yeast infection & get the over the counter medicine.

    If you have not been on If you have never had a yeast infection before, I would recommend going to the doctor. That way, you know what it is for certain. After that, you should be able to tell & get the over the counter remedies.

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